Dr. Petra J. Kluger

Dr. Petra J. Kluger studied technical biology at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and received a PhD fellowship grant form the Peter and Traudel Engelhorn Foundation. In her thesis she focused on the interaction of primary skin cells with different biomaterials. In addition to her PhD, she completed a postgraduate distance-learning program in the field of Nanobiotechnology at the University of Kaiserlautern in Germany. She received her doctorate degree (Dr. rer. nat) in July 2009 and is now leader of the group "Cells and Biomaterials" at the Fraunhofer Institute of Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnolgy  in Stuttgart, Germany. Her competences comprise the interaction between primary cells and biomaterials as well as the 3D skin model, established and patented at the department Cell and Tissue Engineering at the Fraunhofer IGB.